Curbing Frequently Asked Quetions

Frequently Asked Questions

The question you should be asking is “why are their prices lower than Artisan Borders”? Our prices reflect what is put in to our concrete mixes besides the three base ingredients of Portland, Sand & Water we use multiple chemical additives to ensure you get the best and strongest curbing possible, It also reflects our training , experience and knowledge in the curbing industry. Other companies look at this and because they can’t meet this standard It’s very simple, if you can’t offer what the best companies can, lower your price. We also train companies all across the USA and Canada.  

Curbing holds up rather well in Utah, to help prevent cracking we use a engineered concrete mix along with certain additives mixed together with the concrete to help increase the strength. Those additives will also help not only with the strength but work-ability of the product. The best way to prevent cracks in the curbing is with experience. Knowing how to operate the curbing machine and properly finishing the work is the most important when it comes to a strong product. We also add expansion joints close enough together to relieve the stress of concrete as it cures. You will find that some companies don’t put enough joints in the curbing or put them too far apart, and this can cause a lot of trouble.

Curbing can come in several styles and shapes. The most common are called the “angle or slant” curb. It can usually be colored to match or contrast your house colors or landscape. Browns, golds, tans and grey’s are our most popular. We use “integral” colors which are mixed directly into the concrete. Curbing can also be stamped and textured to add a custom look. This process uses an integral color and a darker color called an “antique release”. The curb is then sealed with a high gloss concrete sealer which not only brings out the colors but gives your curb that “wet” look. Artisan Borders offers many different stamps that can complete your project.

We have minimal impact on your existing landscape, there are no cement trucks brought in. We make everything onsite with our custom curbing equipment. The curb machine is small and will not damage existing landscape. The concrete is wheeled to the machine using a power wheelbarrow with three wide tires to minimize the impact to your landscape.

We can add steal cable, we also use three to four chemical additives during the mixing and finishing to add strength and improve the work-ability. Landscape curbing will not have the same strength as normal concrete due to the aggregate that is used. We use a fine sand and Portland type 1 cement. Decorative curbing is not designed to be driven on by vehicles. Average PSI ranges from 2400-2600 pounds depending on the type of materials and additives used.

Of course you can, bed edgers to create a path for your new curb. Old edging can be removed or covered with rock, depending on how deep it is. However, the curb is put on the outside of the sprinklers. This is usually the only difference. Sprinklers with spray easily over the curb. Most of the time we go outside of the sprinkler heads with the machine because rock and plants are in place already.

In most situations, straight lines do not look as good as long, flowing curves. A house and garage are all straight and cornered or at a 45 90 degree angles. Landscapes, including curbing are more appealing if they are curved or rounded. You will notice in all of our pictures that the curb has smooth, flowing lines and is still easy to mow.

There is a one year craftsmanship warranty. If the concrete is crumbling and falling apart due to craftsmanship we will take care of it. This will require an on site assessment to determine if that is the issue. If cracking occurs and can happen from time to time it will happen in the first two days of being installed. Most of the time this will happen in the control joints that are place by the crew to “try” and control where the concrete is going to crack. If cracking happens later it is usually due to other issues ground settlement, roots, water, vehicle, etc. As mentioned before, experience is the most important factor when it comes to a good product. In certain situations like extreme angles or tight curves can sometimes be troublesome. Hand picking the concrete and putting the joints closer will help.

Colored curbing can be tricky at times. Depending on the heat & cold, types of sand, salts, calcium and other factors, colored curb can darken or lighten over time. Most of the time problems with the coloring don’t arise but it’s good to know ahead of time that this may occur. Over time, all colors will fade due to its exposure to UV rays. This process can be slowed down by using a sealer to protect the concrete, which we do. The whitish color sometimes can occur from a few different things, minerals in our hard water & salts that are found in cheaper sands that aren’t as “clean” or from the soil that the curb is put on. This is called “efflorescence”. We only use the finest, washed mason sand which not only prevents a lot of these issues, but also creates a ultra, smooth finish. If calcium is the culprit, it can be washed off with a mixture of vinegar and water. It can sometimes take a few applications.

If your yard has existing grass, all of the sprinklers need to be marked with flags or paint. A ground prep machines are not very friendly to your sprinkler heads, and or your sprinkler heads may get buried by you curbing. Make sure that the sprinklers are turned off, if you have new property, the dirt work needs to be as smooth as possible.


It’s best to have the curb installed after the sprinklers. Most sprinkler guys like it this way as well because then they don’t have to trench under or around the curbing risking damaging your curbing they can then put the heads next to the curb in the areas they need. Please ask your sprinkler company to make sure to be careful when working around the curbing after it has been installed also, I would recommend your landscaper have all the top soil in before we come. Skids, shovels and rakes do not do well around curb.


NO ONE creates landscape curbing like we do or offers the level of quality & service as we do!

Our artisan curbing replicating the textures & looks of natural stones.