Curbing Industry Experience

Experience Drives Innovation

We are always collaborating, researching, and training to improve our craft so we can continue to innovate.

Artisan Borders is locally owned and operated in the Salt Lake valley. After working for few other curbing companies Tim left the curbing industry for another career, but after 9 years he made way back back to curbing, but coming back it was to start a curbing company just like the any other, doing what had always been done but focused on quality & service. And drive to change the industry in Utah from just basic curbing that has been in the market for over 30 years. Knowing there had to be more to the industry and better ways to do things to offer a better product. So the work began and so did the research, to see what could be done to make changes and improvements.

Along with running our curbing crew here in Utah

now Artisan Borders / Tim is a trainer for the country’s oldest curbing equipment manufacture, and is involved with training and mentoring many new and experienced company’s across the country. As well as being involved with research & development with them as well.

Today as Utah’s industry leader with innovation, and more experienced with advanced curbing techniques than any other curbing company in UTAH. If your looking to take your landscaping to the next level with 100 % Custom concrete curbing. We offer more than just a few options we hand craft the most beautiful and effective concrete curbing / edging systems in the industry.

With your home or business you are trusting us with the biggest investment in your life, you need to be assured you have professionals that are well trained and a qualified contractor / curbing company. We are always collaborating, researching, and training to improve our craft so we can continue to innovate.

Not all curbing is created equal. Just take a look at our work, we are not shy about our work we put as much as we can out there for you to see in social media. Our curbing consist of the most advanced curbing methods in the industry ! Our HAND CARVED ARTISAN CURBING is truly unique and can not be found anywhere else in Utah consisting of natural textures.

NO ONE creates landscape curbing like we do or offers the level of quality & service as we do!

Our artisan curbing replicating the textures & looks of natural stones.

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