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Sod Utah

At Artisan Borders, we offer comprehensive sod delivery and installation services. For years, we've provided these services to our curbing customers working on new construction projects. If you're ready for curbing, you're ready for sod. Curbing and sod installation go hand-in-hand in any landscaping project: once your curbing is installed and sprinkler heads are placed, the sod comes next.
To simplify scheduling and streamline your project, we offer:
* Sod Delivery: For customers who prefer to install the sod themselves.
* Sod Installation: For customers who want a hassle-free approach, allowing them to relax and watch their yard turn green right before their eyes.
We are now extending these services beyond our curbing customers to anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space.

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most common type of sod and undoubtedly the most enjoyable. Its 5-seed blend ensures a soft, lush surface, perfect for walking barefoot. Unlike other varieties, it contains no rye or fescue, enhancing its smooth and pleasant feel.
At Artisan Borders, we offer two exceptional types of Kentucky Bluegrass:


Dura-Blue is a unique blend of Nuglade, Rugby II, Midnight, and Award grasses. This hybrid grass is perfect for transition zones, which can often be challenging for turf management professionals.
Ideal Uses:
* Backyards
* Ball fields
* Playgrounds
* Parks
* Excellent wear resistance
* Disease resistance
* Appealing color and texture

Advantage Turf

Advantage Turf Kentucky Bluegrass is perfect for transitional climates. Thoroughly tested and proven in Idaho and Utah, this patented sod offers low maintenance and exceptional performance.
* Low maintenance
* Proven performance in transitional climates

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For over 17 years, we've been delivering top-notch residential and commercial concrete curbing that offers durability, curb appeal, weed prevention, variety, mulch retention, and easier lawn maintenance, ensuring guaranteed satisfaction with the best concrete curbing in Utah with Artisan Borders. If you have any questions call us today! (801) 613-9623
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We serve Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Tooele, Saratoga Springs, West Jordan and throughout the Wasatch Front. 
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