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The question you should be asking is, “Why are their prices lower than Artisan Borders?” Our prices reflect the quality and craftsmanship we put into our concrete mixes. Beyond the three base ingredients of Portland, sand, and water, we use multiple chemical additives to ensure you get the best and strongest curbing possible.

Our pricing also reflects our extensive training, experience, and knowledge in the curbing industry. Other companies might lower their prices because they can’t match our standards. If you can’t offer what the best companies can, the only option is to lower your price.

Additionally, we train companies across the USA and Canada, further showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Curbing holds up exceptionally well in Utah. To help prevent cracking, we use an engineered concrete mix along with specific additives to increase strength and improve workability.

The best way to prevent cracks in the curbing is through experience. Knowing how to operate the curbing machine and properly finishing the work is crucial for creating a strong product. We also add expansion joints close together to relieve the stress of the concrete as it cures.

Some companies don’t place enough joints in the curbing or put them too far apart, which can cause problems. Our approach ensures durable and long-lasting curbing.

Decorative curbing comes in several styles and shapes, with the most common being the “angle” or “slant” curb. You can choose colors to match or contrast your house or landscape, with popular options including browns, golds, tans, and greys. We use “integral” colors mixed directly into the concrete for a consistent look.

Additionally, curbing can be stamped and textured to add a custom appearance. This process involves using an integral color and a darker color called an “antique release.” The curb is then sealed with a high-gloss concrete sealer, which enhances the colors and gives your curb a “wet” look.

Artisan Borders offers a variety of stamps to help you complete your project with a unique and personalized touch.

We take great care to minimize the impact on your existing landscape. There are no cement trucks brought in; instead, we make everything onsite with our custom curbing equipment. Our curb machine is small and designed to avoid damaging your landscape. We use a power wheelbarrow with three wide tires to transport the concrete to the machine, ensuring minimal disruption to your yard.

Absolutely! We use a bed edger to create a path for your new curb. Old edging can either be removed or covered with rock, depending on its depth. Typically, the curb is installed on the outside of the sprinklers, allowing the sprinklers to spray easily over the curb. Most of the time, we place the curb outside of the sprinkler heads to accommodate existing rocks and plants.

While we can create straight lines, we find that long, flowing curves typically look more appealing in most landscapes. Unlike the straight lines and right angles of a house or garage, landscapes benefit from the smooth, rounded shapes that curbing can provide. You’ll notice in our pictures that our curbing features smooth, flowing lines, which not only enhance the aesthetic but also make mowing easier.

Yes, we offer a one-year craftsmanship warranty. If the concrete crumbles or falls apart due to craftsmanship issues, we will take care of it. An on-site assessment will be required to determine if this is the case.

Cracking can occasionally occur, usually within the first two days of installation, and typically happens at the control joints placed by our crew. These joints are designed to control where the concrete will crack. Cracking that occurs later is usually due to factors like ground settlement, roots, water, or vehicle impact.

Experience is crucial for producing a high-quality product. In certain situations, such as extreme angles or tight curves, additional measures like hand-picking the concrete and placing joints closer together can help mitigate potential issues.

Colored curbing can be affected by various factors such as heat, cold, types of sand, salts, calcium, and other elements, which may cause the color to darken or lighten over time. While most of the time there are no issues with coloring, it’s important to know that this can happen. All colors will eventually fade due to UV exposure, but using a sealer can slow this process down, and we always seal our curbing to protect it.

The whitish color you’ve noticed, known as “efflorescence,” can result from minerals in hard water, salts in less clean sands, or the soil where the curb is installed. We use only the finest, washed mason sand to prevent many of these issues and to create an ultra-smooth finish. If calcium is causing the discoloration, it can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and water, although it may take a few applications.

If your yard has existing grass, please mark all sprinkler heads with flags or paint. Our ground prep machines can damage unmarked sprinkler heads, and they may also get buried by the curbing. Additionally, make sure your sprinklers are turned off before we arrive.

For new properties, please ensure the dirt work is as smooth as possible to facilitate the installation process.

It’s best to have the sprinklers installed before the curbing. Most sprinkler installers prefer this as it allows them to place the heads next to the curb without having to trench under or around it, reducing the risk of damaging the curbing.

Please ask your sprinkler company to be careful when working around the curbing after installation. Additionally, we recommend having all the topsoil in place before we arrive, as skids, shovels, and rakes can damage the curb.

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