Getting Ready for Curbing

Next Steps for Curbing

We look forward to working with you! Here are a couple of quick items to cover to prepare for installation of your new curbing / border.

After scheduling and prior to your install for new and existing landscapes (retrofit) : 

1) You will want to make sure you are at final grade all topsoil placed and leveled out to grade (ready for sod or seed) and for existing landscapes (retrofit) you will want to have any grade changes done also if needed.

2) You need to determine the location of any sprinkler heads, located in a existing landscape (retrofit) it is recommend to mark your heads  the night prior to your installation. This way we can work the layout of your new curbing/borders around your sprinkler heads so that none of them get covered or damaged. As for new landscapes it is best to have your funny pipe ran to where you want your heads placed with approximately 6″ extra sticking out of the ground, this way you have enough to place your heads the day after install along with any lines for your drip system for your flowerbeds also ran into your beds as well.

3) Existing landscapes (retrofit) schedule your sod delivery for no sooner than the day after your curbing/borders install ( RECOMMENDED no sooner than 3 days after you scheduled curbing install date).

4) Existing landscapes (retrofit) it is recommended to mow your lawn 1-3 days prior to your install, because we discourage against mowing your lawn for one week after your install and not to use a weed eater up against your new curbing for a minimum of two weeks after completion

5) ***PLEASE REMOVE ALL PET WASTE FROM YOUR YARD*** the evening before or the morning of your install. Some of our crew will be down on the ground on their hands and knees working the curb, so it is greatly appreciated if you did so. PLEASE DON’T MAKE US crawl around in it THANK YOU!

6) DO NOT WATER YOUR LAWN the night before and the morning of your install.

5) We will need clear access to your yard, if we are working in the backyard we will need at least a standard man gate for access.


NO ONE creates landscape curbing like we do or offers the level of quality & service as we do!

Our artisan curbing replicating the textures & looks of natural stones.

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