Curbing Profile

Curbing Profile

We don’t except average when it comes to our quality! All of our curbing is hand crafted, with the best locally sourced hand pick materials in the market.

Steel Cable Reinforcement 

We offer steal cable reinforcement for added Insurance. There are benefits of running steal cable through your curbing, its just like rebar in any other concrete work it helps keep it all together and minimize separation at the control joints. Either caused by settling most common in new construction landscapes, heaving caused by tree roots or our some times extreme frost thaw cycles, or sliding is some yards with larger grade changes/hills. 

Slant Style  Curbing / Traditional Curbing

This style of curbing is extremely popular because of the smooth, clean look it creates. Only we offer this in two different sizes options the traditional 4x6x1  4″ Back 6″ Wide 1″ Front also in a larger 5x6x2  5″ Back 6″ Wide 2″ Front. They are both great the larger of the two is great for more retention of garden materials and is also the best option for new landscapes that still need sod. It can also be colored and stamped with many different colors choose from to create that two color combination. There is many roller and hand stamps to choose from. 

Artisan Curbing

This a step above traditional stamped curbing curbing, this is a hand crafted multi colored curb with no repetitive patterns unlike the traditional colored & stamped curbing. This curbing emulates natural stones in color and textures for a more natural look to highlight your landscape. This process of curbing is only offered by us in Utah    

Commercial Curb (Block style)

This style is typically used in commercial settings where large mowers are present. It is great for separating Mulch, Rock, Ect…

6×6 Parking lot curb available  call to discuss variables in mix design requirements.  

NO ONE creates landscape curbing like we do or offers the level of quality & service as we do!

Our artisan curbing replicating the textures & looks of natural stones.